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Survival Tactics for Small Funds

Small funds have tough choices to make if they want to survive.

First, as a fund owner, you can choose to grow through acquisition, picking and choosing among the many funds looking for an exit strategy. 


Growing a Fund is a Lot like Building a Sandcastle

Summer is upon us, which means more outdoor activities like beach parties and swimming. No, this isn't another story about how to lose those last few pounds to improve your look in a swimsuit. Instead, we are comparing strategies to build a sandcastle and grow a mutual fund.


How Impact Investing Can Improve Your Portfolio

Investors are exposed to dozens of investing ideas and can access thousands of investment choices. Making a decision can be overwhelming. To simplify the process, think about what is important to you as an investor. A growing number of people are moving to impact investing, which allows you to generate a rate of return and make a social or environmental impact. 


The Forbidden Dictionary for Fund Managers

Do you remember comedian George Carlin's infamous list of words that couldn't be uttered on TV?

We asked a sampling of mutual fund public relations and marketing professionals what words or phrases they absolutely dread hearing a portfolio manager utter and why. We’re sharing their input and comments anonymously so as to protect the guilty.


What Can Politicians Teach Us about Branding?

What Can Politicians Teach Us about Branding?

Trump – Clinton, household words to most of us. That’s the essence of a good brand. We may love it or hate it, but simply hearing it conjours up a picture as clear as Coke or Mercedes Benz.

The secret lies in differentiation from the competition with a consistent image and set of messages.

Considering Trump’s and Clinton’s successes in the primary season. These presumptive nominees for the 2016 presidential election are experts at branding. To learn how to build, strengthen, or spread the word about your brand, take a look at some of the candidates’ strategies below.


Your Brand: Think Beyond the Obvious (Part 2 in a Two-part Brand Marketing Series)

We've got a lot to say on about branding, and marketing, and recently spoke with SunStar's Kathryn Morrison for her take on the topic-you can find that conversation here. Today, we’ll continue by getting a different point-of-view, this time from SunStar Strategic’s Melissa Murphy.


Demystifying PR From The Inside Out

Popular wisdom says that the best way to spread the word about good mutual funds and a good asset management company is through the national news media. This is particularly true of investment houses with excellent local reputations but that are relatively unknown across the country.


Are your Clients Being Driven by Fear?

Uncertainty and volatility often lead people to make irrational decisions in the heat of the moment and right now our country is fraught with uncertainty.


Morningstar: No dominating fund flow category so far this year

Morningstar reported estimated U.S.mutual fund and exchange-traded fund asset flows for February 2016. 

Taxable-bond funds led inflows by category group for the first time since October 2015, driven by inflows of $12.9 billion to passive taxable-bond offerings.

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