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Using Email to Attract Advisors - Not Repel Them

Don't just send an email to send an email. Doing your research before you send them can save you time and money AND help you keep them interested!

Use  the information you already have to grab (and keep) their attention! 

DST Kasina shared recent findings regarding email communications. Much of what they learned is really what we already know - so why aren't we paying attention?

They've found that advisors are more likely to open emails:

  • From someone they know or recognize
  • On topics of interest to them
  • Regarding products or services they currently use

Avoid deletion - blog post 2


Modern technology gives us the tools to know more about our databases than ever before.  Take advantage of the information at your fingertips and customize your communications to your audience. Exerting a little effort can show you know them and you're interested in their needs. You can see the full article here.

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